PCHF representatives in front of foundation sign

The Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Founded in 1998, The Phoenixville Community Health Foundation (PCHF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for people in the Greater Phoenixville region. They strive to achieve this through increasing access to quality healthcare services and promoting healthy communities through grantmaking and collaboration with health, civic, business and community partners. The MCCC Foundation is excited to announce a special and collaborative partnership with PCHF that will provide support for our Montgomery County Community College students for perpetuity.

Phoenixville Community Health Foundation’s passion for helping Phoenixville area students have access to higher education has led to their establishing a Presidential Endowed Scholarship at MCCC for Phoenixville area high school students who enroll in health sciences or public safety degree programs. “We are thrilled to be able to support Phoenixville students’ higher education pursuits at Montgomery County Community College,” said Tamela Luce, President and CEO of the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation. “This is an investment in our future: our youth and a healthier and safer region for all.”

The Dr. Bastecki-Perez Presidential Endowed Scholarship Sponsored by The Phoenixville Community Health Foundation will support recipients’ higher education needs as MCCC and PCHF work together on building the future of health care and public safety workforce.