Dr. Bastecki-Perez and Robert H. Erb stand for photo together

Robert H. Erb

Robert H. Erb’s connection to Montgomery County Community College dates back to the early days of the College’s history. Mr. Erb joined the college faculty in 1970 as a librarian, just 6 years after the College’s founding. He often worked evenings and enjoyed helping adult students, assisting them with their research, listening to their stories, and providing encouragement. His service in the library continued for 45 years until his retirement in 2015. However, Mr. Erb’s commitment to MCCC did not end with his tenure. As a passionate learner and an avid steward of his community, Mr. Erb was always looking to improve and learn more each day, and he wanted to help MCCC students do the same. He was passionate about the community college mission and equitable access to education and information for all. Simply put, Mr. Erb “wanted Montco to be a ‘reflection of the community’”. That is one of the many reasons he continued his partnership with the College as a philanthropist both during and after his employment.

Over the years Mr. Erb supported numerous projects at the College including the Choral Society, the Fred & Rocky Barbone Memorial Scholarship, the Wanda Campbell Memorial Fund, and the Jesse Hodges Memorial Fund. Additionally, in 2005 Mr. Erb established the Marjorie F. Davis Scholarship Endowment, honoring the first librarian at the College, and in 2013, the Jonas C. and Marian D. Erb Endowed Scholarship in honor of his parents. Unfortunately, in July of 2021, Mr. Erb passed away. However, just before his passing, he set out to make yet another impact on the MCCC community by establishing the Dr. Bastecki-Perez Scholarship sponsored by Robert H. Erb. With this significant gift, Mr. Erb honored his long-time colleague and the newest president of MCCC, Dr. Victoria Bastecki-Perez, while ensuring ongoing support to students in health science programs at Montco, particularly those who identify as first-generation scholars. While Mr. Erb will be missed as a physical presence on campus, his effect on students, both through his giving as an employee and a donor, will live on at MCCC in perpetuity.