Dr. Victoria Bastecki-Perez (right) and husband, Santos Perez (left), pose for photo

Dr. Victoria Basteki-Perez and Mr. Santos Perez

Dr. Victoria L. Bastecki-Perez became the sixth President of Montgomery County Community College in May 2020. As the leader of the institution, Dr. Bastecki-Perez relies on her three- decades-long career in academia to champion every aspect of the student experience, faculty involvement, community engagement, administrative operations, and academic excellence, fostering a sense of belonging where everyone feels welcome and appreciated and creating a culture of caring both on the College’s campuses and in our communities. Each and every day, she is committed to fulfilling the College’s mission, vision and strategic agenda, leading not only with her mind but also with her heart.

Dr. Bastecki-Perez truly feels honored, humbled and privileged to serve in this role. She is inspired daily by our students who come to the College with hopes and dreams of creating better lives for themselves and their families and by the dedicated faculty, administrators and staff who tirelessly work together with the common goal of helping students be the best versions of themselves. This inspiration is one of the reasons Dr. Bastecki-Perez, her husband Mr. Santos Perez, and her family have regularly supported the College through personal philanthropic contributions for various initiatives during her tenure, including scholarships and awards for deserving students, capital project investments such as the building of the Health Sciences Center and The Mix Room, student emergency funds during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Women’s Giving Circle, among others.

Most recently, Dr. Bastecki-Perez and Mr. Perez wanted to elevate their impact on students at Montco. As both first-generation college graduates, they know the transformative power of higher education and the impact it has had upon the success of their career trajectories and leadership journeys. Because of their own experiences, they wanted to create an enduring legacy at Montco to provide students with similar life-altering opportunities. For these reasons, in June of 2020, they made a donation to establish the Bastecki-Perez Presidential Scholarship Fund to support students, particularly those who identify as first-generation learners. After launching their own scholarship, Dr. Bastecki-Perez issued a call to action for others to join in helping students through sponsored Presidential-level endowed scholarships. Many generous philanthropists joined in this initiative, establishing an additional 10 scholarships – totaling nearly $340,000 – that would support Montco students in perpetuity, therefore leading the way to brighter futures for years to come.

Through philanthropy, leadership, and community involvement, Dr. Bastecki-Perez and Mr. Perez will no doubt have a lasting impact on Montgomery County Community College and its students and the communities we serve.